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Deep Testing,
Taking Research,
and Developing

This Is Our Story

All of this starts with BANGSA NEGERI BAJA, which runs businesses to realize economic and community reforms.

Then Negeri Baja Solutions (NBS) is run as a business line that works with you to do deep testing, taking research, and developing solutions to become policy recommendations for you because you want to create reforms on your own initiative, to lead yourself and your environment.

And in the end, these policy recommendations can be proud of for you, digital leaders, the people we trust since day one, and deserve to be widely spread by BANGSA NEGERI BAJA to realize economic and community reforms.

Meet Our Team

This Is Our Team

Nevina Deca

Full Stack Developer

Farhan Alfiansyah

Junior Mastermind

Ali Wildan

Full Stack Developer

Riyan CePe

Senior Product Owner

Eko Prast

Junior Product Owner

Mamak Kurniawan

Senior Mastermind